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WHO States that Algeria and Argentina are completely Malaria Free

Malaria is completely eliminated from Argentina and Algeria as mentioned by the World Health Organization or WHO. This has been reported on Wednesday and it is considered to be the vital milestone in the fighting out of the mosquito-borne ailment.

WHO is here to state that there is a total of the 38 countries and the rest of the territories and these are declared to be free of diseases and this is sure to have a global come back.

According to Doctor Matshidiso Moeti who us the director of WHOB in Africa said that “Algeria has shown the rest of Africa that malaria can be beaten through the country leadership, bold action, sound investment, and science. The rest of the continent can learn from this experience.”

Malaria is the sort of the parasitic ailment and it is caused due to the biting of the Anopheles mosquitoes. There are ways by which you can both treat and prevent the disease type.

In the year 2017, estimation was made of the 219 million cases and this has caused 400,000 malaria-related fatalities nationwide according to the reports of WHO.

The country has been certified to be malaria free and it is absolutely stopped within the country regarding the transmission of the malarial parasites for the period of the three consecutive years. There is the recent case of indigenous malaria in both Algeria and Argentina and things were reported in the year 2013 and consequently 2010.

In Algeria, the malarial parasites were denoted by the French physician Doctor Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran in the year 1880. This is the second based country in Africa to reach the milestone. The other place is Mauritius and the state has been declared to be malaria free in the year 1973.

Most malarial deaths happen in Africa. Here lies the tragedy of the whole thing. Thus, special initiatives are taken to make Africa the malaria-free nation.

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