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 A Stock Stumbling on the Trade Fears and the Oil is Down by 5%

Stocks are on the verge to fall at the midday on Wall Street as the investors are worrying about the apparent stalemate in case of the trade discussions in matters of USA and China.

There has been the talk between the two countries and this started a week ago and the new negotiations have started and the level of tension still remains high. The investors are worried about the sustained trade war that can really affect the sort of economic stability and the number of corporate profits.

There has been a drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average by 390 points or an amount of 15% which is around 25,385. And the S&P 500 index fell for an amount of 42 points and that is 1.5% to an amount of 2813.

There has been the Nasdaq slid of the 143 points and this is the point of 1.9% and this is to an amount of 7607.

There are the energy stocks to take the steep losses with the falling price of the USA oil and this will go below the rate of 5.2%. The trade stocks and the industries are relatively low.

The investors are looking at the safety of the bonds. There is yielding on the 10th a year and the Treasury has slipped to the point of 2.31% and this is the lowest level in more than a year’s time.

The stocks are openly falling on Wall Street and the investors are really worried about the possible stalemate in case of the trade discussion between China and USA.

The spokesman for the foreign ministry of China said that on Thursday that China is sure to be more open on the various talks on trading. However, no new negotiations have started and the rate of tension in matters on both the sides still remains high.

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