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The Depression Gauging Alexa Wearable by Amazon

It seems like Amazon is functioning on the new gadget powered by Alexa and this can indeed listen to you and make a decision regarding how you would feel, and in the process, one can make the recommendations based on the list of the personal human emotions. With the denoting of the internal documents and the various unnamed sources, it is reported by Bloomberg that the Company is here to design the specific device that you can put on just like the wristwatch and there is even the scope of beta testing and this is under the way and the report reads that “Eventually the technology could be able to advise the wearer how to interact more effectively with others.”

It is not clear regarding the longtime development of Amazon in case of the new frontier of Alexa which is known for powering the surveillance. Bloomberg is not in the position to comment whether the testing is questionable and this “includes prototype hardware, the emotion-detecting software or both.” The report is sure to state that the device is the sort of the wrist-worn gadget and it is developed in collaboration with the Lab126 and the similar company has helped in the development of Echo and also the version of Fire phone. This is all the data we have received in time regarding the authentic hardware. However, Amazon is sure to hold the number of patents that will shed some amount of light on the sort of technology that you think may work in the process.

You have the specific patent that will include the images. We have put some extra color to the main drawing to make it appear more funny and real.  The title of the patent is “Voice-based determination of physical and emotional characteristics of users.” This will help in describing how the Alexa tool would be receiving the input from the point of the user by means of the microphone and tag it likewise.

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