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The ingredients for making the iPhone 11 a success

September of every year is important to Apple as it’s the time when the company holds events to launch its next iPhones. With September around the corner, Apple is set to release its new iPhone 11, or whatever it’ll be called. As more people have been trading iPhones for Android phones because of their abundant features, Apple sales fell by 12% in the third fiscal quarter. Thus, it gets important for the company to make the next phone that is coming out a success.

The new iPhone doesn’t necessarily need a drastic redesign. It does need at least seven improvements and updated features if the company intends to remain in the competition.

iOS 13 that will power the next iPhone is claimed to make app launches and downloads more efficient. Dark mode would also be very helpful as it keeps the battery from draining away too quickly. Customers would love to see the “30% longer battery life” slide during the presentation as Apple’s competitors are going strong at their battery life game.

Apple needs to work on the screen of its phones as well. With Samsung and OnePlus having high-refresh rates, Apple would want to step it up. Apple has the option of bringing Pro Motion to the iPhone. With its screen refreshing 1.5X to 2X faster than any other smartphone, it would render the animations smooth.

Apple would also do well if it chose a better name for its upcoming line of phones. There has been a lot of confusion about the name of the previous iPhone X- it is pronounced “ten” not “ex.” iPhone could also put a front-facing camera with a higher resolution that would improve the image quality, attract customer focus and prove beneficial for the sales.

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