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 Google is updating the Mobile Search Design for Highlighting the Name and Favicon of the Website

Google is sure to introduce the latest changes regarding displaying the Google search results and this can better highlight the point of the source which is present behind each of the links. The search results of the mobile are sure to display the icon of the website along with the name which is placed over the title in case of the specific page which is being properly surfaced. Until the time Google is trying to downplay the source point of the search result and this will also play the name of the website in the smaller and the petite font just under each of the link.

The design will start to roll out in the next few days’ time. Google is of the opinion that the design will first come to the source of the mobile and the clarification of the spokesperson will include both of the web searches along with the Google app.

Along with the updated design, the Google mobile search design will surely look like the news feed and things are filled with the posts from the various publishers in case of the particular subject. One can emphasize the source of data and this makes a lot of sense particularly about the concerns of the fake news will keep on continuing. The website has complete control both over the icon and the name. However, the change is able to help according to the statement of the New York Times and there is the link to stand out from the scandalous content farm and Google happens to be on the surface both on a similar page.

Google will also suggest the change in the design and this is the kind of the stepping stone in creating the richer and the busier in matters of the search result pages. Excess image pieces are being highlighted and they are known to directly appear on the search page.

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