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Light Cure Equipment Market, By Product (LED Light Sources, UV Curing and Visible Light Curing Sources), By Application (Medical, Electronics, Printed Circuit Board, Optical, and General Industries), By Geography (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and RoW)-Analysis, Share, Trends, Size, & Forecast From 2014-2025


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WMR-Western Market Research has recently published a comprehensive and exclusive research report, which is an intelligent study covering all key segments. This research report provides breakthrough inputs and insights on market related factors like size, competition, trends, analysis, forecasts etc. The study encompasses primary and secondary data sources along with quantitative and qualitative practices thus assuring data accuracy.

The light cure equipment market was valued at USD 152.6 million by 2017, growing with 4.3% CAGR during the forecast period, 2018-2025

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Market Dynamics

Light curing is the use of light via medical device that used for the polymerization of materials such as resins or composites generally used in dentistry. This particular light is used to strengthen or create materials that are resistant and strong such as fissure sealants, aesthetic dental restorations, and cavity restorations and process that include orthodontic bonding and tooth bleaching. In cases of cavity, tooth loss, dental caries etc. individuals usually loose a part of their tooth structure or demineralization occurs. Composite resin is used to fill in these cavity structures and light curing is used to further carry out appropriate polymerization of this bonding. In general dentistry procedures involving tooth filling crowing, cleaning, etc. require composite material to be filled into cavities. These cavities require light curing to fill in these cavities as a sealant.

Misuse of appropriate light curing can result in discoloration, cracks and more. Ideal light curing is essential in getting desirable results when it comes to dentistry. The major growth driver with respect to light curing material is the increase in cavities and dental problems. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that over 3.56 billion people suffered from dental caries and decay in 2016, therefore the light curing market is only expected to grow higher. Growth is expected in dentistry especially ones that are cosmetic in nature since it also calls for light curing procedures. In terms of market restraints, one major factor is the high power consumption required for light curing that could be a hassle.

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Types Takeaway

Light cure products are classified as LED light sources, UV curing and visible light curing sources. LED light sources and halogen light sources are the major dental curing lights that are used. These products are now coming up with advanced technologies that could lower usage of electricity and overall power consumption which could boost the sales. The UV curing system is also one of the major product categories in terms of revenue generation. This system uses high-intensity wavelength mechanism that can be used in applications such as automotive, industrial and electronics.

Application Takeaway

Application wise the light curing market can be majorly classified as electronics, medical, optical, printed circuit board and general industries. Medical applications of light curing majorly consist of its application in dentistry. The UV LED market is used for disinfection and purification systems. It is also commonly used for printed circuit boards. General industrial applications could be in construction in applications.

Regional Takeaway

North America is one of the major markets with respect to the dental curing industry. Good healthcare policies, government funding and insurance back up is the core incentive why this country ranks the highest with respect to the dental care industry. Complete healthcare procedure that covers dental costs is one of the key highlights why the North American industry is flourishing in this area. The Asia Pacific is witnessing a steady growth in medical areas and advancements, hence future growth that is expected in the significant within the light curing industry

Key Vendor Takeaway

The major companies that are within this category includes 3M Healthcare, Henkel, Omron Healthcare, Incure, Inc., Baldwin Technology, Heraeus, Honle, Delo, Dymax Corporation, Loctite, Nordson, American Ultraviolet, Excelitas Technologies Corporation and Tangent Industries Inc. 3M healthcare launched Filtek Universal Restorative that is used for restorative dentistry in April 2019

The market size and forecast for each segment and sub-segments has been considered as below:

Historical Year-2014 & 2016
Base Year-2017
Estimated Year-2018
Projected Year-2025

Traders, Distributors, and Suppliers
Government and Regional Agencies
Research Organizations

The scope of this report covers the market by its major segments, which include as follows:


LED Light Sources
UV Curing
Visible Light Curing Sources

Printed Circuit Board
General Industries

North America
Rest of Europe
Asia Pacific
Rest of APAC
Rest of the World
Middle East and Africa
Latin America

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